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  1. dusTeR

    [Config] s1mple

    Nume: s1mple Download Link: https://prosettings.net/configs/s1mple.zip
  2. dusTeR

    [Config] Kjaerbye

    Nume: Kjaerbye Download Link: https://prosettings.net/configs/kjaerbye.zip
  3. dusTeR

    [Config] chrisJ

    Nume: chrisJ Download Link: https://prosettings.net/configs/chrisj.zip
  4. dusTeR

    [Config] JW

    Nume: JW Download Link: https://prosettings.net/configs/jw.zip
  5. dusTeR

    [Config] FalleN

    Nume: FalleN Download Link: https://prosettings.net/configs/fallen.zip
  6. dusTeR

    [Config] NEO

    Nume: NEO Download Link: https://prosettings.net/configs/neo.zip
  7. dusTeR

    [Config] pashaBiceps

    Nume: pashaBiceps Download Link: https://prosettings.net/configs/pasha.zip
  8. dusTeR

    [Config] NiKo

    Nume: NiKo Download Link https://prosettings.net/configs/niko.zip
  9. dusTeR

    [Map] kz_longjumps2

    Denumire hartă: kz_longjumps2 Numar de sloturi: - Autor: 8ball1 Imagini: Link de download: https://maps.cs-bg.info/get/376/maps16/
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