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Această comunitate a fost creată ca să vă oferim un loc unde să vă simțiți liberi și să vă faceți prieteni noi. Dacă vreti sa aflați mai multe despre comunitatea noastră, nu ezitați să trimiteți un mesaj staff-ului sau să vă alăturați serverului nostru de Teamspeak și vorbiți cu unul dintre membrii staff-ului nostru pentru o istorie mai aprofundată. Nu uita să citesti regulamentul și cel mai important, să nu uităm să ne distrăm.


Alăturați-vă serverului oficial Counter-Strike 1.6 STAR.DARKZ.RO Acest server este unul clasic și unul distractiv. Alăturați-vă acum dacă îndrăzniti și arătați-ne că aveți skill sa intrati primii in top 10 cei mai buni jucători.


Alăturați-vă serverului nostru de TeamSpeak TS.DARKZ.RO. Aici vom organiza evenimente distractive si ne vom distra. Vrem să avem o familie mare, așa că nu uitați
să vă invitați prietenii pe serverul nostru.


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  1. Development

    1. Administrative Area ( 119 posts)

      News related to the forum, its projects, forum suggestions, account questions / issues.

      1. Administrative announcements
      1. Proposals
      1. Forum support
    2. Users Area ( 640 posts)

      Follow us, see what we are going to do with this community and find out who we really are.

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      1. Complaints
    3. Documentation ( 13 posts)

      Here you will find general rules, useful information and tutorials for various forum functions.

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    4. Forum & server management ( 94 posts)

      Here you can find all the information necessary to affiliate or open a server in our community.

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    5. DARKZ.RO - GAMETRACKER ( 0 posts)   (1,108 visits to this link)


  2. Public servers

    1. Discord - DarkZ România ( 0 posts)   (87 visits to this link)


    2. Counter-Strike ( 2,055 posts)

      In this category are the Official Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers of the Darkz Romania community running at a quality of 150-1000 sys_ticrate. They benefit from certain community benefits (DNS, categories, promotion, etc.).

      b_350_20_632626_1A1A1A_FFFFFF_000000.png b_350_20_632626_1A1A1A_FFFFFF_000000.png b_350_20_632626_1A1A1A_FFFFFF_000000.png b_350_20_632626_1A1A1A_FFFFFF_000000.pngb_350_20_632626_1A1A1A_FFFFFF_000000.png

      1. Clasic » STAR
      1. Remake» GO
      1. Zombie Plague » ZOMBIE
      1. Jailbreak » JB
      1. Remake» CSGO
      1. Clasic » PLOIESTI
  3. Gaming

    1. Gaming News ( 243 posts)

      Category dedicated to games and news in the gaming field and beyond.

    2. Steam ( 116 posts)

      Game information, promotions, issues and steam fixes.

    3. The world of games ( 1,042 posts)

      The category in which games tell their story and come to life.

      1. Counter-Strike
      1. Metin2
      1. League of Legends
      1. Minecraft
      1. Grand Theft Auto
    4. Game store ( 4 posts)

      Show your product permanently and free of charge. But beware of the product because we only accept some goods as being advertised.

  4. Technology

    1. Hardware ( 108 posts)

      Hardware is the physical part of an information system consisting of a set of electrical, electronic and mechanical components that together can receive, process, store, and store information under various forms of electrical, acoustic or optical signals.

      1. News
      1. Reviews
    2. Software ( 14 posts)

      Software is a computer program system including their application procedures, a system provided with that computer, or subsequently created by the user, or purchased commercially ready.

      1. News
      1. Reviews
    3. Tutorials ( 43 posts)

      If you want to post / find a tutorial from a specific domain related to data and information, then this is the right category.

  5. General

    1. Design ( 266 posts)

      Design is an English word that pronounces [pron. di-zain] and which means project, drawing (conception), outline (conception). The use of the term in the field of free drawing (art) is forced and therefore not recommended.

      1. Portofolios
      1. Gifts
      1. Tutorials
      1. Assistance
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      1. Battle GFX
    2. Social ( 444 posts)

      Socialization is the strong point for your development as a man in society, we provide you with a wide range of sections through which we can get to know each other. Also talk about the favorite song or movie.

      1. Free discussions
      1. Multimedia
      1. Sport News

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